This is an exciting vision! ๐Ÿš€

A few thoughts that came to mind:

  • Dash Stable โ€” It would be fascinating to learn from merchants if having a stable coin feature would increase their Dash usage with being able to mitigate risk. Potentially, a merchant could accept Dash Stable directly when someone pays in Dash or Dash Stable. This would both save them in credit card processing fees, and save them in taxes if accepting Dash and selling later into fiat later.
  • Use options โ€” The second layer to frequent and casual usage is seamless integration with crypto tax software such as CoinTracker. Creating manual entries for smaller transactions is currently a pain point for most tax jurisdictions. Perhaps most consumers donโ€™t consider this yet, but it is important to start building now for the long-run to build legitimacy and global adoption.
  • Gamified โ€” I have never played Pokemon Go, however, I foresee a โ€œscavenger huntโ€ like ecosystem being fun and social. If a merchant has not yet been verified or is a lapsed merchant, has been inactive, a user could earn dash verifying a small transaction to redeem their points/reward in the game. The big time points bonuses would be signing up a merchant, and receiving a reward after X amount of transactions and a certain amount of time passing.



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