Please Steal Packages Outside My Door

This past Wednesday I ordered $309.89 worth of Under Armour that was stolen from my door-step which got me thinking… What if there was a way I could place a package at my door I wanted to get stolen.

This could be the glitter bomb 2.0 meets the bait bike.

  • Kid’s Paint (non-toxic) that is rigged to squirt/shoot out when the box is opened — Spring-loaded could potentially work if the spring is strong enough.
  • Android Device to record video and detect opening of the box via light detection— Blu Android phones are $59.99 on Amazon
  • Android App that can sense when there is light, snap quick snapshots / record a video that can be instantaneously uploaded to the web. — Google Developers Documentation on taking photos and videos.
  • Smartphone Battery Pack to extend life of the phone — Plenty of portable options out there.
  • Cellular Data Plan — GSM SIM Card that works with BLU.

If anyone wants to pull this off, I am willing to invest exactly $309.89 into the idea.



Open Sourcer

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