Please Steal Packages Outside My Door

This past Wednesday I ordered $309.89 worth of Under Armour that was stolen from my door-step which got me thinking… What if there was a way I could place a package at my door I wanted to get stolen.

This was especially painful since I wanted to try on half the items and return the rest. The idea is to place a package outside of my door intending it to get stolen. That’s right. I want the package to be stolen. Then when the package is opened it will spray the lucky winner with non-toxic paint. The reaction shot when the package is opened would be priceless.

This could be the glitter bomb 2.0 meets the bait bike.

See below for the glitter bomb and bait bike as reference.

In order to execute this I estimate the following items are required.

  • Kid’s Paint (non-toxic) that is rigged to squirt/shoot out when the box is opened — Spring-loaded could potentially work if the spring is strong enough.

Luckily Under Armour is awesome! After I got a call from FedEx informing me my package was found under a random park bench I chatted with UA who said they’ll send out a new package, no questions asked.

If anyone wants to pull this off, I am willing to invest exactly $309.89 into the idea.

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Creator of Coinverse - The 1st Crypto News Audiocast App @