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Note: This was originally published on HackerNoon and written in 2019.

Working in front of a screen doesn’t change based on location. Medellín is a great place because of the opportunities to try food, the outdoors, work from amazing cafes, and the opportunity to meet diverse people.

I traveled to Medellín, Colombia, both to explore for a week on vacation and then to immerse myself in daily life while working remotely as the creator of Coinverse, the first cryptocurrency news audiocast app.

The high standard of living is great for productivity.

  • Commuting: Convenient and safe, the metro has been running since 1995.
  • Places to work: Choose a new cafe every day, and you’ll still not see all of them. There are plenty of coworking options too.
  • Food: Eat locally and affordably, or choose international options.

Coffee culture

Unlike the states, adding cream to coffee is doing your taste buds a massive disservice. The coffee is flavorful, ranging in levels of sweet, fruity, bitter, chocolate, vanilla, and creamy flavors. Espresso is the default. Learn to ask for “cafe filtrado” if seeking drip coffee.

Important factors for cafes are the coffee and atmosphere for working and hanging out. I was concerned with the availability of power outlets and the internet and discovered this was not an issue. The most expensive coffee was $2, and many places have a full food menu.

Photo credit: Me, Pardo Café

These are my three favorites in El Poblado, where I spent most of my time.

  • Hija Mía: It is small, friendly, and comfortable. You have to try the hardy version of avocado toast. This cafe has many travelers.
  • Urbania Café: Each cup is served with a piece of smooth dark chocolate. They offer a full-day coffee experience on home brewing and experimenting with flavors.
  • Pergamino (Carrera 37, Calle 10b): Although it’s a chain, the coffee is great. I prefer the newer Calle 10b location as it has an open second floor which is quiet and great for focusing. They offer great gift wrapping for beans bought as gifts, too.

I spent time at other great cafes in El Poblado, too.

  • Pardo: This doubles as a clothing store and restaurant with big healthy salads for lunch. The iced coffee was my favorite.
  • Cafe Velvet: High-end and comfortable.
  • Starbucks Coffee Milla de Oro: This location is open the latest, 10 PM most nights, and 11 PM on Friday and Saturday.
Photo credit: Me, Cafe Velvet

In Laureles, I enjoyed Café Zeppelin, with a rock and roll vibe and a great spot for meeting up, and Rituales Compañia de Café, a small and trendy spot.

These come highly recommended from Anthony Castrio and Jeff Ander’s Cafe Grind Rankings, which organizes the best cafes based on factors such as atmosphere, food, wifi, etc.



See cafes map


A coworking space is great for increasing productivity. Spaces range from backpacker to upscale tech company vibes.

Photo credit: Me, WeWork


Selina is part of a hostel and has a grassroots feel with an affordable monthly rate compared to traditional office space. It contains both a cafe and a restaurant. Their weekly events like yoga, happy hours, live shows, etc., are a great time to meet people.

Photo credit: Me, Selina


WeWork feels like a Google office with cafes, amenities, stunning views, and a variety of work areas. After lunch, people found their favorite spot to close their eyes for an afternoon siesta.

Photo credit: Me, WeWork lobby
Photo credit: Me, WeWork lounge chairs on outside patio

See Coworking map


There is most likely a community here for you based on your professional interest. I’ve met salespeople, marketers, designers, programmers, wellness professionals, etc. here.

Photo credit: Ruhanna Rahman, Android Medellín talk on Unidirectional Flow pattern

Begin by searching on I found the Medellín Android group. The majority of the first talk I attended was in Spanish. Once the event was over the organizers Cristián Gomez and Carlos Daniel introduced themselves to me with a smile.

After speaking with them I felt welcomed and they invited me to give my own talk. I gave a talk there on Android architecture patterns. The one feature I still actively use Facebook for is finding local groups to learn from by searching for “Digital nomads in {city}”.

Healthy eating

Photo credit: Me, Pardo’s grilled chicken salad

Street food is tasty. However, in order to feel good and be productive, eating healthy is important. Although more expensive, there are great options from around the world.

Fast casual

Photo credit: Me, Ceres

Sit down

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