Lollapalooza 2010: FreeSol Interview

Written August, 2010

From Memphis Tennessee, front man Free and team joined up with producer Justin Timberlake after meeting at a local cafe in 2006. They are working on their debut album which will include the likes of Lil’ Wayne and the The Game.

FeeSol’s song was featured in the Entourage Credits of Season 7 Episode 5.

…my great great grandmother was freed from slavery because of her voice. She sung her way to freedom.

The FreeSol mentality of going out there and not taking things as, is a cool way of thinking, especially for me studying entrepreneurship because thats what it’s all about. I was wondering what life experiences led you to see this outlook? What things did you see, what things did you experience?

Did your parents support you at first, or were they like you should follow our path?

Did you regret the decision at all?

That’s funny because that’s how I feel sometimes studying business. I have lots of different interests, but once in school everything is just about finding a nice accounting or finance job, and nothing about being creative or creating.

You guys have been together for almost eight years. I was wondering if you guys have developed your own niches, kind of like a little paradigm? Is there different characters in the band? Is one the leader, one the jokester?

…and if you can’t do that then fuck you man.

I noticed how your mix-tape along with other mix-tapes are online for free. I wanted to get your opinion on buying vs. downloading. Does your mix-tape being up there show how you support or are on one side or the other?

So you see it as kind of a relationship, give and take?

When Justin Timberlake found you guys, did you have an idea he was watching you guys, or was it a total surprise?

Going back to the whole college thing. If you had to go back to school and couldn’t study anything involved in music, what area would you pick?

Can you share what its about?

So it includes stuff about your family history, what we were talking about before?

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