Is AMEX’s Premier Rewards Card Worth It?

For someone spending $800 — $1,500 per month

Note: Neither C.F. Frost or John Scott’s identity’s were stolen in the process of this Medium post

I signed up for the AMEX Premier Rewards card a year ago replacing my Visa Platinum Rewards card through the Alliant Credit Union as my primary card, mainly for the free 50,000 points after spending X amount of dollars. As it’s now one year later, I want to look back and see if making the switch was worth it and whether I should keep AMEX.

AMEX Nice-to-Have Benefits

  • Decent points system overall
  • Addition 1 year of warranty on purchases (ie: electronics)
  • $100 Airline voucher (not for flights, but in-flight or ancillary fees)
  • Great customer service

Net 1 Year Value (Points $ Value — Cost of Card)

AMEX Value: $309.14 — $477.18

Visa Rewards: $257.49

AMEX Eeks Out The Win

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