I Spent 30 Days Eating Fatty Foods

Promises of the Keto Lifestyle

General Rules

What A Typical Day Looks Like

Avocado with Scrambled Eggs and Sardines
Polish Sausage with Kimchi and a baked egg in Avocado
Salmon and Broccoli (left) | Steak and Broccoli (right)
toasted Walnuts

Most people’s first assumption is that being Paleo is the same thing which is NOT the case.

First 30 Days

First Week

ketone levels

Second Week

Costco Grocceries

Third Week

Cauliflower Pizza

Fourth Week

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Reader


big hill, Russian Hill

Update : Body Fat and Alcohol — 6/19/16


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Adam Hurwitz

Adam Hurwitz

Open Sourcer

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