I Spent 30 Days Eating Fatty Foods

Promises of the Keto Lifestyle

  1. More energy and thus higher mental and physical performance — the brain uses glucose as the primary fuel source on a typical diet, but when the body is in a state of Ketosis it can adjust to using ketones, which are produced when the body burns fat for energy.
  2. Less hunger during the day, feeling less hungry before meals and more satisfied afterwards.
  3. Leaner body mass, less water weight, lower body fat percentage.

General Rules

  1. 70–80% of calories come from fat
  2. 10–20% of calories come from protein
  3. 5–15% of calories come from carbs (generally from non-starchy vegetables, low sugar fruits as berries, nuts, and other small sources)

What A Typical Day Looks Like

Breakfast — Usually I’m not terribly hungry during the work week so I skip or have something small. When I do have a full breakfast I have as many eggs as I need to feel full (2–4) cooked in butter (free range eggs and grass-fed butter are preferred) with bacon and Avocado. If I’m not doing scrambled eggs, I love putting two eggs in each side of a cut Avocado and baking them at 400º for 10–15 minutes. As an extra add mozzarella and spices on top.

Avocado with Scrambled Eggs and Sardines
Polish Sausage with Kimchi and a baked egg in Avocado
Salmon and Broccoli (left) | Steak and Broccoli (right)
toasted Walnuts
  • Cheese in moderation
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Seaweed slices
  • Dark chocolate, anything as low as 63% cacao if I’m cheating a bit to 81% cacao which is going to be significantly plainer in taste. You can get squares or sometimes you can find chocolate chip pieces that are great for making your own trail mix.
  • Broccoli with a tablespoon or two of peanut butter to dip it in
  • 1–3 Strawberries (1g of carbs per medium sized berry)
  • 25 Blueberries (5g of carbs)

Most people’s first assumption is that being Paleo is the same thing which is NOT the case.

The primary difference is that Paleo permits (and even encourages) eating of starchy vegetables such as potatoes and yams, whereas these foods are not permitted when eating the Keto (since they are comprised mostly of carbohydrates). The Ketogenic diet emphasis is on fatty meats (while discouraging the consumption of lean meat), though the Paleo diet does not at all discourage fatty meat.

First 30 Days

First Week

I started on February 3rd 2016.

ketone levels

Second Week

Weight — Still down 3–3.5 lbs lost overall

Costco Grocceries

Third Week

Weight — 4 — 4.5lbs lost overall

Cauliflower Pizza

Fourth Week

Weight — 6 — 6.5lbs lost overall

Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Reader


  1. Sustainability/maintainability — Overall, the lifestyle is highly maintainable. It’s May 25th, almost 4 months after I ran this 30 day experiment and I’m still eating high fat foods. I like that I don’t have to think about portions within reason and after the initial learning phase can just eat without too much thought.
  2. Eating out/traveling — Most dietary guidelines are okay in theory, but require you to make severe sacrifices when eating out with friends or traveling. I’ve experimented with Pescetarianism for a summer and found following the Ketogenic lifestyle more flexible for going out to eat with friends or traveling since there is almost always a delicious meat, fish, or veggie option.
  3. HealthWeight: At the end of the 30 days I lost ~6.5 lbs. In the last month I’ve gained back a lot of the weight. There are a few variables, I’ve switched jobs, moved to a new city, and am also getting a consistent lower body workout biking up one of the biggest set of hills in San Francisco everyday so I’m not sure how much is due to lower body muscle gain vs. non-muscle gain. Energy: I still continue to be able to wake up a bit earlier with the same bedtime, think clearly between meals without getting hangry, and not crash after meals. Metrics: Although my doctors advice was well intentioned, but mis-informed, I would like to have a full work-up of my blood to compare my cholesterol, LDL particle size and other metrics to my pre-Ketogenic numbers. This is purely for my curiosity, as I have solid cholesterol numbers originally, feel great, and don’t have a true necessity to get this done.
big hill, Russian Hill

Update : Body Fat and Alcohol — 6/19/16

Body Fat Percentage: This past week I had my muscle-to-fat ratio measured in order to get a baseline of my body fat percentage which is a better indicator of progress. So far I’ve just been measuring how far into ketosis I am and my weight.

  • Tequila
  • Club Soda
  • Egg white
  • Lime Juice
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Bitters
  • Stevia
  • Add sliced cucumber


Podcasts & YouTube Channels



Obesity Code by Jason Fung — Really great explanations of the carbohydrate-insulin model. Also extremely well referenced (~200+ studies) and only references human studies, many of which are clinical trials not epidemiological studies.




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