I just created my first Android app logo icon using Figma exporting it as an .SVG into Android Studio!

In the past I’ve tried this process with Sketch needing to research and download additional apps / plugins and ultimately being unsuccessful at importing my .SVG in Sketch for Android.

For the Android use case on the most up to date OS it requires both a foreground and background .SVG for the main app icon. The quality of the static .SVGs are good. However, when the phone performs animations (ie: dragging the icon to a new position) I noticed the drawn ring in my background shows un-smooth pixels.

I attempted solution #1 to increase the stroke of the background ring. For solution #2 I tried drawing one smaller and larger circle overlapping to create the desired ring effect. Solution #2 may of had a slight benefit but the animation is still somewhat pixelated.

Do you have any recommendations for smoothing out the ring?



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