Forget iPhone Armbands

The Best iPhone5 Holder Never Made

  1. Neodymium magnets within the front and back interface create a near unbreakable grip on your side while moving.
  2. Custom sized pocket and clear screen allow for full interaction with the phone.

About the Design Process

From 2008–2013 I designed and built an iPhone5 exercise holder called the CarpeMuse holster. Throughout the 5 years I worked on this project on and off. In 2008–2009 I went through physical therapy for a wrestling injury and had a pair of red athletic shorts I used during my weekly PT sessions with a stretchable pocket for keys that fit my iPod perfectly. That is when I began designing a universal pocket embedded into shorts to fit a number of devices. That pocket evolved into the CarpeMuse holster specifically for the iPhone5.

  1. Growing trend in 2013 of larger smartphones/phablets which would not bode well sitting on the hip.
  2. Manufacturers’ requirement of 1,000 units in order to provide a sample of how well they could build my consumer quality prototype.
  3. My interest in learning how to code and design products in general, rather than an inherent interest in smartphone holders.

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