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1 min readSep 24, 2020


👋 Colin White and @Miguel Ángel Ruiz López,

I’ve submitted two pull requests to the Glide and Coil sample apps used in the tests in order to compare the latest versions of Coil vs. Glide for the first load of the RecyclerView.

Of course, ten trials are not a representative sample size. In addition, there are many factors like internet connection that do not make this a scientific comparison to the load times a year ago. However, it is still interesting to compare Coil to Glide’s percent differences under the same network conditions.

Glide edges out the comparison at 9.2% faster for the first load of all the images in the feed. This seems like a significantly smaller speed difference compared to the original test from the graph below which shows Glide as ~42% faster in first-time loads for the entire feed.

Original Test

Given this difference accounts for only 4.5% of a second, Coil is a great option to continue to deliver optimal performance to the user and for developers to adopt with greater ease of use and less boilerplate code.

First Load — Total Time


Average 502.9ms


Average 457.1ms



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