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The 1st Crypto News Audiocast App 🚀

Adam Hurwitz
4 min readFeb 12, 2019

Four years ago, I left my ads partnership consulting job and learned how to code because I had the passion to craft simple solutions for unsolved problems. My now friend, then stranger, Michael, an engineer from Berlin working at, was crashing in my apartment during the summer of ’17 in San Francisco. We discovered our common interest in cryptocurrency and began swapping resources. I listened mainly to the Epicenter podcast, one of the few available at the time. Michael referred me to the Boxmining’s YouTube channel that sent me down a rabbit hole of exploring creators from around the world such as Ivan on Tech and many other trailblazers.

After checking 4 or 5 sources per day I thought wouldn’t it be great if someone automated this…

Google Play:

Audiocasts, Video, and Text

Today, I’m proud to introduce audiocasts, video, and text all in one world. My experience growing startups’ app businesses via mobile ads at Google and building a great experience for millions of users in a local marketplace at Close5 (R.I.P.) ⚰️, and eBay led me to build the first iteration curating YouTube content. Currently the top 10 YouTube cryptocurrency specific channels have over 1M subscribers. That number increases exponentially moving toward traditional text based digital content.

There needs to be an effortless platform to discover, organize, and consume content.

Think of how Reddit surfaces relevant information combined with Pocket’s ability to organize and listen to content. Enter Coinverse, the Hub(ble) for discovering crypto news.

If I’ve piqued your interest thus far I’ll say no more and lead you to the app here or allow you to subscribe for future platforms here. If you desire to hear more, continue the adventure below.

Problems With The Abundance Of Content

  1. It’s hard for those new to crypto to know which sources to follow.

2. Following multiple sources is time consuming, even if one is aware who of the right sources to follow.

3. A large portion of the top results add noise focusing on technical analysis and looking at short term price fluctuations.

Many Apps, None Great For Listening On The Go

There are excellent news apps that focus on finance or tech-related news from a broad perspective. Social media provides timely and focused information but also comes with noise and hours of manual filtering to surface relevant info. While a select number of apps focus on crypto, none provide the ability to easily organize content and listen on the go. Having the ability to discover and listen to quality content at work, during the commute, or while completing other tasks saves time and adds value to your day.

Coinverse’s Mission

Create A Fun + Thoughtful Space To Engage With Crypto News

The goal is to surface content that is interesting on a personal level, explains recent developments in crypto technologies, and covers current events related to the industry around the world.

Coinverse scans the universe looking at thousands of sources. The content retrieved then passes through multiple layers of atmospheric filters based on factors such as keywords, topics, quality of the source, etc. in order ensure the information touches down safely in your feed.

Swipe To Save / Dismiss Content

Swipe right to save the content that interests you or swipe left to dismiss content in order to achieve the zen state of zero inbox. 🙌

Listen, Watch, Or Read

Tap on an article to listen to the generated audiocast.

Moving forward from the beta I am working towards all of the content being listenable while continuing to improve the quality of the audio.

If video is your preference watch YouTube content from the top crypto creators.

Or simply tap on the original source button to read.

I’d love your feedback on the first public beta as well as for you to share the app with your friends!

Download below or you can keep in touch here as Coinverse expands to new platforms.



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